50th Reunion - Pictures 
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Lynn Lemoine and Madelyn Thibodeaux David Stickley and Judy Menard-Fisher
Dennis White and Sherry Morgan Jay White and Dennis White
Dennis White and Sheryl Lyons-White Cecil Hightower and Dennis White
Ronnie Hulin, Dennis White and Janice Baker-Craig

Esma de los Santos-Breaux, Judy Wiltz-Brown, Dennis White, Sherry Morgan,
Dian Dunnam-Maxwell, Linda Wharton-Guidry and Birdie Thompson

Sherry, Glenn, Jackie & Dennis Carolyn Sheppard-Hagen, Mary Girouard-Kokenes, Dennis & Charlotte Long-Perrit

Rose Vasquez-PreJean, Linda Galvan-Gloria, Kathy Wells-Young ,
Norma Haney-Cates, & Karen Montagne-Sarver

Ellen Morgan, Dennis & Larry Rhodes
Jay and Sparkle Darryl, Esma & Larry Rhodes
Jay White, Darryl Breaux, Dennis White & Esma de los Santos-Breaux Dennis and Patricia Gulley-Aaron
Where's the Beef? Ahhh, feeling good!
You just never know who will show up at these reunions!