50th Reunion Pictures
Page 4

Paul Protas and Neil Protas Jo Beth Bower-Burnett & Jerry Burnett
Terry Sanders Carolyn Sepeda-Kares and Joe Kares
Joan Traube-Gray & Carolyn Sheppard-Hagen Larry David
Clare Giesen, Margaret Reeburgh-Williams & Ellen Morgan Ann Boutte-Priddy and Dean Priddy
Linda Arriola-Keller-Barrera and George Barrera

Clarence "Butch" Landry and Emma Landry

Sandra and Howard Irion George Garsea and Scarlet Garsea
Floyd Gaspard and Francine Gaspard Sherrie McDonald-Reid and Jim Reid
Joyce Davidson-Dubose, Marian Lair-Collins, Shirley & Paul Rabuck Robert Sadler, Jane Sadler, Coy Petteway (Class of 62)
& David Stickley
Chuck Isles - Saturday Night Entertainment John Dubose, Paul Protas, Michael Vincent & Ronnie Hulin
Charles Cooksey and Travis Bergeron Paul Moore, Esma and Darryl Breaux
Karen Montagne-Sarver, Judy Menard-Fisher & Ruth Colletti-Perkins Holiday Inn Staff
Linda Galvan-Gloria and Larry David Laura & Randy Chatagnier & Roy Hancock

Charlotte Brinson-Petry and Charles Petry


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