50th Reunion Pictures
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Suzie Thornton-Lane, Beverly Odneal-Morris & Nancy Bushnell-Norton
Standing in back is: Carolyn Sheppard-Hagen & Sherry Morgan
Glenn Johnson and Jo Beth Bower-Burnett
Rose, Linda Galvan, Kathy Wells-Young & Noma Haney-Cates Sandra and Howard Irion
Betty Formagus-Pfeiler, Rose Vasquez-Prejean and Esma de los Santos-Breaux Sitting: Louis Anselmo, Max Elkins, Tom PreJean, Jerry Burnett and Paul McGarrahan
Dean Priddy and Ann Boutte-Priddy Janice Barker-Craig and Carolyn Sheppard-Hagen
Margaret Reeburgh-Williams and Joan Traube-Gray Pam Dugan-Springer
Laura Carter-Higley & Margaret Reeburgh-Williams Ellen Morgan
Photo 8 Sparkle, Diane Kimbrough-Cook & Rose Rose, Jackie Barnard, Carolyn Montana-Hathaway, and Carol McPhersan-Cordell
Leticia Sue Castille-Garcia, Carolyn Sepeda-Kares and Joe Kares Esma, Darryl & Cecil Hightower
Charlotte Brinson-Petry and Karen Montagne-Sarver Tim Summerlin & Mary Ellen Summerlin
Pam Dugan-Springer and Sherry Morgan Jane Ann Glass-Ahlstedt an Mark Ahlstedt
Bob McLain and Cheryl McLain with Larry and Carolyn Elender Paul and Cheryl Paris