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Jane Sadler and Robert Sadler

Candy Ryder-Gambrell, Carolyn Blankenship-McDuffie and Fred McDuffie

 Becky Resendez-Slocum, Esma de los Santos-Breaux and
Ronald Guidry

Larry Rhodes and Esma de los Santos-Breaux

Paul Moore, Paula Strickland-Lawson, Johnny Simon, Dian Dunnam-Kelly,
Esma de los Santos-Breaux and Paul Langley

Paul Paris

W. J. "Dub" Hargraves and Priscilla Hargraves

George Garsea and Scarlett Garsea

Linda Galvan-Gloria, Anna Lopez-Gonzales, Johnny Simon, Dian Dunnam, Jo Marie "Sparkle" Ryan-Anselmo
Beverly Odneal-Morris and Rose Vasquez-PreJean

Jane Sadler, Robert Sadler and Rose Vasquez-PreJean

Howard Irion and Cheryl Pinell

Tim Summerlin, Ronnie Hulin, and Howard Irion

Mickey Schwartzenberger and Ronald Guidry

Travis Bergeron and Ronald Guidry

Carol Skillman-Reynolds, Roy Hancock & Carl Pavia

Judy Avila-Doyle and Jennifer Huber

Rodney Richards, Esma de los Santos Breaux, and Bobby Glaze
In back is Lurlan LeJeune