Military Veterans
Class of 1965

If you have any photos of yourself in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard
 or in any Reserve Component unit .. Send us a copy and we will
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Ronald G. Hulin
Specialist 5 (E5)
Data Processing Center
US Army Europe (Germany)
1970 - 1971




Larry James Siragusa
Specialist 5 (E5)
25th Infantry Division
Vietnam Medic
1967 - 1969





Daniel Burneston U.S. Army Reserve 1968 - 1974 Specialist 5 (E5)  
Jeff Felder U.S. Army 1967-1969 Sergeant (E5) Infantry Vietnam
John P. Garcia Army National Guard Sergeant First Class (E7)  
James (Jim) Gratz U.S. Army 1966-1970 Sergeant (E5) Army Security Agency Japan
Jerry Holmes U.S. Army 1969-1976 Captain (03) JAG  
David L. Stickley U.S. Army 1968-1969 Specialist 4 (E4) Korea
Mark Hamilton U.S. Army 1967-1968
1LT 1/7 1st Cav Division Vietnam



Michael Vincent
U.S. Navy, 1968 - 1970
Electrician's Mate 3rd Class
USS Wiltsie-Destroyer
Home Base San Diego, CA


Ron Cricchio U.S. Navy 1966 1969 (E3) USS Jason (San Diego)
Bill Harder U.S. Navy 1969-1977 FTB1 (E60 Navy Submarine Alexander Hamilton
Glenn Johnson U.S. Navy 1969-1973 RM2 (E-5)
James LaGrone U.S. Navy 1970-1990 Commander (05)
Larry E. Rhodes U.S. Navy 1967-1971 USS Bon Homme Richard




Rene Courville
Staff Sergeant (E5)
U.S. Air Force -
Security Service-Intelligence
Berlin, West Germany


Brent Landry
U.S. Air Force

Emma Gonzales U.S. Air Force 1968-1975 Staff Sergeant (E5)  
Louis R. Petit, Jr. U.S. Air Force 1967-1971 Staff Sergeant (E5)  



Johnny Simon
U. S. Marine Corps

Larry Sharpless U.S. Marine Corps 1970-1979 Captain (03) Vietnam
Richard Stopyra U.S. Marine Corps   Vietnam

Paul Rabuck U.S. Coast Guard  1970-1994 Commander (05)  


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